July 18, 2016

What Do You Need To Prepare For Motorbike Travelling

When thinking of travelling, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The feeling of freedom, the joy of spending time with your group, or the fun of getting away with all the worries and pressure of daily work and tasks?

Travelling can really lift up your spirit ad recharge your energy as you have a chance to take a rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city pace to be immersed in the peaceful atmosphere of nature and the beauty of the landscape.

People normally only associate motorbike with short-distance travelling but riding motorbike to far-away destination also promise a lot of fun and great adventure.

Why Motorbike Travelling Is The Ideal Choice?

When mentioning motorbike travelling, many people only associate it with short distance trip and still think that long distance travelling requires other transportation means like car and train.

However, motorbike is actually suitable for both types of distance travelling, for example it can help rider reach short-distance destination quickly especially when you drive on highway; if you seek for way to drive motorcycle to long-distance location, you should equip yourself with maps, GPS and prepare to spend the night at motel to take a rest for continuing your trip.

The greatest perk of travelling by motorbike is the excitement and enjoyment that it gives you.

Unlike other transportation types like car, train and airplane when you can just passively observe the scenery through windows, the motorbike travelling offer you a good chance to really experience the road by every sense you have from breathing in the cool air, feeling the cold passing through your body to tasting the rain running down your face.

What Should You Prepare For Motorbike Travelling?

Light Luggage, Preferably Back Pack

Preparing to pack light is the key for a successful motorbike travelling trip. Since you are going to drive on your own in such small and compact vehicle, packing too heavy luggage only hinder your trip and make it harder for you to carry such unnecessary things that you can buy on the road.

Remember that if you have decided to travel by motorbike, you are no longer aim for the comfort and easy way of travelling.

Motorbike Protective Gear And Clothing

Nothing is more valuable than your safety and this key thing will be what you need to remember when choosing this risky and adventurous way of travelling.

A motorbike trip whether it is short or long distance, easy or difficult to go…you always need to ensure your safety by wearing enough protective gear and clothing. Among those things, motorbike helmet is the most important piece as it helps to protect your head from major wound and deadly injuries.

The helmet need to in the right size to fit your head perfectly, not too small, not too large, not too loose, not too tight so that it can cover your head, face and especially the neck area well. You are advised to choose bright coloured helmet to be easily recognized on the road which also ensure your safety better.

Beside the motorbike helmet, you need to buy other essential gear and clothes such as leather jacket that is water proof and wind proof to save you from the direct impact of the weather, durable rubber sole boots to protect your feet and keep balance at traffic stops, even gloves and pants also listed in here if you want protection for the knees, palm and hand areas.

Cameras For Capturing Travelling Pictures

A travelling trip, especially a family trip or friend gathering cannot lack the essential equipment for capturing the happiness and the joy of the trip – the camera.

It will help to save all the precious memories that you have on the trip from the beginning to the very end so that you can look back at the photos and remember you have such great moment of your life shared with some of the most important people in your life.

Like a lyric from a famous song “we keep this love in a photograph”, the memory of people can lost when people get old, but the love and the joy will always be saved in the pictures you take.