Review On The Best Travelling Transportation

There are so many ways to travel. You can go by motorbike, car, train or plane. Each types of travelling brings you different experiences. Today, I will discuss on the advantages of travelling by these above means of transportation.

Travelling By Motorbike

Travelling by motorbike gives you the feeling of freedom. It is immerse you in the scenery, the air and weather. It is the sun warming your body, a cool summer breeze blowing through your hair and all the nice people on the road.

When you travel by car or a train, you are passively watching the scene through the windows in a small space of the car. It’s like you are in a cage looking outside from the inside. When you ride a motorbike, you are a part of the scene, not the one who passively watch the scene.

Moreover, travelling by motorbike gives you freedom. And you can do whatever you want and you don’t have to follow schedule. You can stop whenever and wherever you want. You eat where and when you like.

Besides, when you ride motorbike, you can take better photos. It is clearly seen that when you are riding on a car you can’t have a great photo as you have to snap through the car window.

However, if you are on a bike, you can just get off from your motorbike and take several great photos with your friends. As a result, travelling by motorbike is the ideal way to explore.

Travelling By Car

Travelling by car is quite flexible when you ride your own car. You can travel anywhere you want and stop any time you like without having to pay for further fare. Moreover, travelling by car is blessed if it rains. If you ride a motorbike on the way, when it rains and there is nowhere to hide, it’s a disaster.

Moreover, if you are travelling with goods, travelling by car is great because of the storage space.

Besides, traveling by your own car is more reliable than traveling by public transport such as train or plane since the public transport causes a lot of delays and cancellations.

Travelling By Train

With trains, you do not have to plan. You just go to the train station and get a ticket and you can go whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, travelling by train is extremely safe as the train system is checked and improved annually and it goes on their own ways, doesn’t have to share the road with other kinds of means of transportation.

Besides, travelling by train gives you spare times. You can enjoy your favorite book, listen to music and leave other drive when you are relaxing comfortably.

Last but not least, travelling by train is environmental than car as it reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission.

Travelling By Air Plane

Travelling by air plane is extremely fast. It’s faster than any kind of means of transport such as motorbike, car or train. Moreover, it is safer than the other transportation as apart from the plane, there is no vehicle travelling on the air.

The plane accidents are extremely rare. According to the scientists, the risk of getting air plane accidents is 0.1 percent. Motorbike, car and train travel are more dangerous.

Besides, it is more comfortable when travel by plane than other alternative means of transport. Nevertheless, traveling by plane is more expensive than others, especially when the fuel price is rising and the ticket price will increase.

Above are some advantages and disadvantages of travelling by motorbike, car, and train and air plane. Each type of transportation have their own pros and cons. Based on individual’s preferences, we can choose different kind of transportation.