September 19, 2016

5 Tricks To Get The Best Budget Tour In Vietnam


Every tourist fears about travel rip offs. You can hear plenty of horrible rip-off cases from your acquaintances or read about them online. It happens anywhere in the world and as one of the top travel destinations, Vietnam is not an exception. But traveling to Vietnamese does not have to be expensive: you can find plenty of budget vietnam tours 2016. They are cheap yet still able to let you enjoy the local experience no less than lots of expensive travel packages. When you see offers of less than $30 for an overnight stay, do not think they are scams right way because, yes, travelling to Vietnam can be that cheap. So, why not consider such a budget tour and take our tips below to find the right one?

Ask For Quotes From Different Companies/Agencies

The first deal you see is not necessarily the one you should choose, no matter how cheap it is. The second deal can be slightly more expensive but include more services. As a rule of thumb, you at least should have an idea of the average price. So, do not hesitate to shop around.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tour In Vietnam

Find A Reputable Agency

Even though you plan for a budget tour, do not just settle with the company with cheapest offer. A reputable agency always tends to offer you customized deals according to your wish and include a local tour guide in their list of service.

And you may not know it but your hotel can act as a tour agent also. You already use their accommodation service so they can even give you some discount for their tours.

In your search for a travel agency, you may encounter many counterfeit agencies. Yep, they are very common in Vietnam so you need to be aware. They can use the same name and logo of well-known local travel companies to steal their customers.  Make sure you know the exact address of the travel company you want to book with or you may end up working with a copycat.

Book Your Tour And Vehicle At The Local Area

At the Old Quarters in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, you can find everything you need for the best tour in Vietnam. There are plenty of travel offices in the same streets and they offer you all types of tour. It is the same at Ho Chi Minh City and at travel destinations around the country. The price they offer is lower than what quoted online for sure. You can buy your own transport ticket at very good deals too.

Plan Your Budget

Well, that requires some research. Food and transport cost account a considerable part in your budget so it is necessary that you have some basic understanding about local food and transport.

Food in Vietnam is cheap. You can find plenty delicious street foods of less than $2 with no problem. You eat with a budget but it does not mean you cannot enjoy quality food, so do not worry. They taste even better than those offered in fancy restaurants!  Even bottled water at the restaurants is way more expensive. For drink, beer if the most popular option that it is incredibly cheap (as low as $0.5). But Vietnam is not well-known for wine and you would better save your money for other types of drink.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tour In Vietnam

In terms of transportation, you can travel from one province to other by buses and trains for lower costs but when you are short on time, just go by plane. In Vietnam, there are a number of budget airlines. Overall, open tour buses are probably the best options: they are fast, punctual, and highly affordable.

For shopping, we recommend you to go straight to street vendors for better bargain.

Be Realistic Of Your Choice

Have the right mindset when you choose a budget tour. It can still be great: who say expensive tour packages are the best?  You get to enjoy the local food and culture at a much cheaper price.

But of course, be realistic and feel contented when the accommoation or transport service is not as good as when you pay double (or triple) for them.

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